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October 16, 2014
by Diane Remin
Public companies have earnings calls. Why don't nonprofits have impact calls?  From "GuideStar's Impact Call is a revolutionary idea: to quickly and proactively provide results to constituents and begin a systematic dialogue that encourages data-driven decision making across the sector." Jacob Harold, President and CEO
January 4, 2013
by Diane Remin
The charitable deduction headlines are confusing.  The final outcome is unclear.  What better time to communicate with your donors? Warning:  Charitable deduction facts in this blog post may time-limited.  The donor communication concepts are not. Donor communication stances 1.  Non-expert "head's up"
January 1, 2013
by Diane Remin
Checkout the article I was invited to submit to about maximizing year end appeal results. The subject is off the major gift path, but it does rely on research findings whenever possible-- another passion of mine. Hope you find it helpful:
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