Planned Giving Quick Start℠

An accelerated path to a stronger future.™

Your nonprofit is one sentence away from a stronger future—and your donors from a fulfilling legacy.

Over 70% of planned gifts are simple bequests that a donor writes into his or her will. One day, often when it’s least expected, your nonprofit receives a call with the news that a gift is on its way. Build or bolster your endowment, refuel a rainy day fund or have additional funds available for current operations.

What is a planned gift? It is a type of major gift that comes about as part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate planning.

Planned Giving Quick Start (PGQS) identifies the people most likely to want to include your organization as part of their legacy and gives you everything you need to develop a stream of planned gifts.

Who are you? A 501(C)3 nonprofit:

  • In business for at least five years
  • Annual donors (notice we didn’t say “rich donors” or “major donors”)
  • Desire to launch or reinvigorate a planned giving program
  • May have purchased a “canned” planned giving program that is sitting on a shelf gathering dust
  • Need for a new revenue stream—one that takes some of the pressure off annual fundraising and/or enables you to dream bigger.

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