Press Release Money-back Guarantee Fundraising Challenge: Invest $2,500 and raise $50,000+ in major gifts – or your money back!   Details on the Michael Chatman Giving Show at 11:30 EST on 12/1/11

Cambridge, MA    Here’s the Challenge, Mr./ Ms. Board Member or Executive Director:  Invest $2,500 in ‘s unique fundraising program by December 31, 2011, and our President Diane Remin personally guarantees you’ll raise at least $50,000 in major gifts over the next 9 months—or you get your money back with interest. is a results-driven fundraising resource for nonprofits.  The company’s all-inclusive In the BAG (Bigger Annual Gifts) Major Gift Package™ is guaranteed to boost operating revenues. The Package combines everything that universities and hospitals use to raise major gifts into one affordable program for small-to-mid-sized nonprofits, including local chapters of large national organizations. And it works!

Giving Show Host Michael Chatman, voted America’s “Maverick Philanthropist,” declares, “There is no company like  They work with smaller nonprofits and guarantee fundraising success.  Instead of board members continually passing the plate, why not make a $2,500 investment that multiplies? Even without a money-back guarantee you can’t go wrong.” targets nonprofits with annual operating budgets in the $350,000 to $5M range. Depending on the donor base, these organizations will likely secure major gifts between $10,000 and $250,000.’s performance-based pricing echoes the company’s commitment to results. Standard fees do apply if you raise at least $50,000. 

To be eligible for the Money-back Guarantee Fundraising Challenge, the nonprofit must:

  1. Be a certified 501 (C) 3 with a current Form 990 
  2. Have annual operating revenues of $500,000+
  3. Have at least ten individual donors making annual fund gifts of $1,000+ 
  4. Participate in web-based training 
  5. Visit donors and make six major gift solicitations over a nine month period

Listen-in for details on at 11:30 EST on Thursday, December 1st. For more information, visit | P. O. Box 390105 | Cambridge, MA 02139| phone: (888) 820-0620 | email:

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