Major gift solicitation

Ask Your Donors Workshop

The technique side of asking for a gift, in-person.

Major gift solicitation is surrounded by cultural angst around money and misconceptions around what fundraising is all about. As a result, the mere thought of asking for a gift makes most people uncomfortable. There are major gift solicitation techniques that will increase the likelihood of success—techniques that can be taught and practiced.  Knowing what you are doing is a confidence builder! And there are ways to think about fundraising that flip many preconceptions on their head!

This is an interactive workshop. You will learn:

  • Why it makes sense to think about “asking” as a gift you are bringing to your donors—not as something you are taking away from them.
  • How to set-up the donor visit—the hardest part!
  • Literally how to ask for the gift—and what to do when the donor responds with some variation of “Let me think about it.”
  • How to set-up the next step.

Ask Your Donors Workbook

  • 25+ pages
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Bibliography

Contact Diane Remin directly about teaching your nonprofit’s team to ask for major gifts.

Presenter: Designated among the top 25 fundraising consultants in 2016 by Philanthropy Media, Diane Remin, MBA, is the Founder and President of A 5-star presenter, Diane has delivered this workshop from Massachusetts to Florida as well as with dozens of her clients. Diane’s mantra is: “Giving is good for your health.” Catch her on twitter @DianeRemin.


Check-out this testimonial:

In my 23 years of leading non-profit organizations, I have experienced countless trainings on major gift solicitations.  Diane’s was by far the best:  clear, practical, inspiring, concrete.  With her help, we were able to exceed our goal by 10%!

Rabbi Lisa Goldstein, Institute for Jewish Spirituality