Major Gifts:  Launch a Major Gift Program

If you have donors, it’s time for  We give you everything you need to launch a major gift program. Build your annual revenue stream. Get ready for a capital campaign.

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Limited experience visiting with donors and asking for gifts—that’s’s sweet spot.

Essential major gift program elements:

  1. Qualified donors (donors with financial capacity who are generally philanthropic and specifically interested in your organization’s work): We do the research. You know your donors better. Prospect research is a key differentiator between large and small nonprofits. 
  2. Clarity about why your organization matters…what you want to be doing that might be of interest to the donor… what would happen if the project/program were funded (impact)… and a structure for having this conversation We’ll provide the perfect tool to engage donors in that conversation.
  3. Knowledge and enthusiasm about the organization (you bring that to the table) combined with techniques that have proven effective to secure gifts (like most things in life:  learn and practice!)
  4. We don’t disappear once we’ve trained you. Move up the learning curve quickly with on-demand coaching and scheduled check-ins.

Performance guarantee: stands by the effectiveness of its major gift process. Your deposit is payment-in-full unless you raise way more money than we cost you!  Contact us today.