Build your board

Build the Board You Need Now

Take your nonprofit board to the next level with board candidates able to make impact gifts and add their expertise to your most critical tasks.

Goal:  Add 3+ board members who can make leadership gifts and add critical expertise

Put away the standard checklist, e.g., lawyer, marketer, diversity candidate,….  Instead, focus on what your nonprofit needs the board to do, now.

Once the critical needs are identified, provides your nonprofit with a proven strategy to identify a robust pool of prospective new board members.  We then guide you through the recruitment process.  Specifically, we work with you to:

  • Focus on “what,” not “who” – and why it matters.
  • Create an exceptional pool of board candidates. 
  •  Inspire your Nominating Committee to recommend candidates who will be able to help you – right now.
  • Use a “Board Prospectus” to market your organization and clearly define board member expectations, including giving and attendance.

What you will be doing, with our guidance: 

  • Defining your critical board need – in addition to leadership gifts.
  • Creating a “Board Prospectus” that has some sizzle.
  • Using a proven recruitment strategy to move beyond your current universe board prospects.
  • Meeting in-person with board prospects —and then, based on interest, continuing with your usual nominating process.

Who you are: 

  • An organization with a capital campaign in its future.
  • A start-up that fulfilled the 501c3 board requirement with three friends and/or family members and now realizes that a committed, resource-rich board is the key to growth and sustainability.
  • An organization with too few board members, e.g., you can’t staff your board committees.
  • An organization with a board that Is well-intended but has limited financial capacity. 

Contact Diane Remin directly about teaching your nonprofit’s team to build your board with an eye toward increasing operating revenue.