What’s it cost?

We know you want to know “how much?” We’ve learned that a brief conversation is invaluable in clarifying where we can be the most helpful. All of our services are priced for small-to-midsized nonprofits. We offer a MajorDonors.com performance guarantee when possible. That’s right. MajorDonors.com puts its “skin in the game” right along with you. Just get in touch.

What kind of major gifts can we realistically expect?

That depends entirely on your donor base and your vision. To give you some idea, for major gift programs designed to boost annual revenue we’re typically working in the space between $2,500 and $100,000. We see lots of $10,000 and $25,000 gifts. One client received over $400,000 and a bequest — because she asked. Our proven system really works! For campaigns, for example a building renovation, we’re in a different ballpark with lead gifts of $1,000,000+.

How do we know if we’re too small?

You’re never too small for board-building. In terms of major gifts, you’re too small if you don’t have donors at all. But if you have donors, it is time for MajorDonors.com. And if you have lots of small donors and no idea how much they might be able to give, we can help you figure that out. Please get in touch.

What if we don’t have a Development Director?

No problem. We can work with any willing member of the senior team, including the Executive Director/CEO.

What if we do have a Development Director?

Great. Most small shop Development Directors are buried with direct mail, events, grant-writing and day-to-day operations. There’s no time for major gifts. Getting the board engaged may also be a challenge. Our goal is to make the Development Director look like a genius—making a modest investment to create a new revenue stream!

What if our board is impossible?

We like impossible. We have our ways. Please get in touch.

We hate asking for money. Will you do it for us?

We can provide staffing and supervision, but donors want to speak with people with strong connections to the organization. We’ll give you everything you need to confidently put your organization’s best foot forward. You’ll find that anxieties diminish when you know what you’re doing. Plus, we’ll share a whole different outlook on what asking for money is all about.

How do we figure out whom to ask?

We will lead you through a process that will help you identify your donors who are ready to be asked for a major gift now and who you might want to get to know.

Why can’t we just send direct mail like we always do? (Ditto for events.)

If that strategy worked, you wouldn’t be reading this! The numbers don’t lie. People give major gifts to the organizations who ask them directly. Stop hiding behind appeal letters and start having the conversations that lead to major gifts! It’s not nearly as difficult or scary as you think.