Capital Campaign

Capital (and Other) Campaigns

Is it time to make a concerted effort to fund “something specific and significant” over a defined period of time?

Maybe it’s building a building or doing a major renovation?  Or maybe you want to fund a big project or initiative. 

Any sort of campaign means asking donors who can to make special campaign gifts that exceed their typical annual giving.

Question: Are you ready for a campaign?  Take our Campaign Readiness Test and find out. 

Campaign Readiness Test for Campaigns under $10M

  1. You know the cost of the project (or have a professional estimate).
  2. You have at least three lead donors in mind—donors familiar with the project who could make gifts of 15-20% of the total campaign goal.
  3. You have at least 20 potential top donors with whom a Consultant could speak—donors who could each make gifts of at least 3-5% of the total campaign goal and won’t be surprised to hear about the project.
  4. At least two board members will be among your potential 20 top donors.
  5. You have potential Campaign Committee Co-Chairs in mind, with the goal of one board member co-chair and one highly regarded community member co-chair—each of whom can make an impact gift.

1, 2 and 3 are musts.  4 and 5 are highly recommended.

Click here if you would like us to help get you ready.

If so, keep reading.  If not, get in touch and we’ll get you ready.

We’ll make certain you have everything you need to make your campaign a success:

  • Enough qualified donors to reach the goal
  • The donor prospect research you need and guidance on how much to ask for
  • A compelling project and story (Case for Support)
  • A campaign name and goal
  • A well-trained campaign committee
  •  Inspiring donor recognition options
  • Adequate staffing (we can help with that) and infrastructure (how are you going to keep track of everything) campaign sweet spot:  Campaigns in the $1M-$8M range.  What difference does size make?  The basic campaign principles are the same, but we are accustomed to working with smaller nonprofits where resource limitations abound.  We know where the gaps are likely to be and how to fill them. That said, it’s really important to make certain that you meet key readiness criteria before we get going.

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