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April 6, 2010
by Diane Remin
Science, lots of science, tells us that giving is good for your health. The good feeling you get when you volunteer or write a check to a cause you care about is very real and physiologically based. Altruistic behavior has been scientifically shown to stimulate the brain’s reward/pleasure center and strengthen the immune system, to cite two examples. The result is better health, including less stress, anxiety and depression.
March 30, 2010
by Diane Remin
Oh my goodness, a prospective donor said, “no.” Not a “no” that turns out to be an objection that you can resolve. A “no” that’s a “no.” A goose egg. Do you take it personally? No you don’t. Why? It’s a numbers game. In sales parlance, a “no” triggers a “next.” That’s right. “Next.” Move on to the next donor. | P. O. Box 390105 | Cambridge, MA 02139| phone: (888) 820-0620 | email:

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