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Are silos in vogue?

My nonprofit clients find it surprising when I propose that development, marketing and communications operate in unison.  I’m surprised that they are surprised. 

Why coordinate development, marketing and communications?

1)  The donor experience.  The communication flow has much to do with how the donor feels about the organization — and by extension donor giving and retention.

2)  Everything affects fundraising:  Branding, positioning, advertising, PR and technology.  Every e-newsletter the organization sends. Every program and service being offered. The message that pops up on the screen after you make an online donation. Development professionals often have a valuable perspective.  They view the world through the donor’s eyes. 

3)  In smaller nonprofits, these “departments” are often staffed by one or two people. Working together presents opportunities for group brainstorming and creative problem solving. 

Is there an advantage to development, marketing and communication silos? I have yet to find one. Have you?